To learn how to get more out of each stroke swimming drill technique will help swimmers to develop better swimming techniques for specific movement. To improve efficiency and sense of space.

Competitive swimmers will learn of starts and turns technique. To start or turn, you should always get a push-off way-streamline, then into the transition between the streamline and stroke technique. Always push for a good technique so to maintain the best possible technique at all speeds during a work out, if you try to go fast with bad technique, you will be wasting energy. If you have the right technique will improve strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility and agility.

My job is to guide and teach and to have a faster timing for beginner competitive swimmer. I teach all kinds of strokes. Such as Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Sidestroke. Assisting in plunge and summersault into the transition and stroke technique.

For both adults and children to improve better swimming techniques for better timing and better stamina for long distance.

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